A full spectrum grower managing everything from Compost, Growing, Packing and Transportation to the customers door we handle it all creating real value for our partners.

Constant focus, dedication, and modern methods ensure the safety of your food.

With facilities in MD, PA and FL, we are able to service most major East Coast  markets.

Our distribution fleet is outfitted with satellite tracking and communication equipment, providing our dispatchers with the precise location of each truck at any time during the journey



Gamboa Family History

1st Generation and growing……

West Coast Mushroom Founder, Abel Gamboa came to the United States in 1980 at the age of 15.  Like many immigrants in the past and present, Abel had hopes and dreams of a new life in America.

Young and full of ideas he started working and learning all phases of the mushroom industry from growing, to picking, to packing, as well as sales.  In 1992, he bought his first two double plant.  In five years he had 70 doubles, and in seven years 125 doubles.  In 2006, with the help of his brothers, Abel purchased a compost wharf.


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